New route along enclave boards

Stichting Ondernemend Baarle launched the idea to develop an information board for each enclave. Tourism Baarle, local history circle Amalia van Solms and the municipalities of Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau are working together to support this idea. The project “Enclaves in Beeld” was born.

In the meantime 17 signs have been placed. Tourists, but also the inhabitants of Baarlen themselves, can get more information about these enclaves, how crazy the borders run through the landscape, cut through buildings and streets and what fun anecdotes or secrets they carry. The information and anecdotes were provided and provided by the local history circle Amalia van Solms. The plates are arranged in a table setting so that the tourist has a view over the enclave from over the plate. There is a QR code on the signs, which refers you to this page.

In total there are 30 enclaves, the enclave signs in the outer area have not yet been created and placed.

A fun way to learn more about the enclaves is to walk or cycle the new enclave experience route. You will then pass 12 enclave boards.