Belgian enclave H1, panel 2

Parallelweg 1, Baarle-Hertog

This H1 enclave is the largest Baarlese enclave, larger than all other Baarlese enclaves combined. Read more

local name: Aen het Klooster Straetje - Hoofdbraek Loveren - De Boschcovensche Akkers - De Loversche Akkers - De Tommelsche Akkers - De Tommel - De Gierle Straat - De Reth - De Rethsche Akkers - Het Dorp - De Kapel Akkers - De Kastelein

Origin: 1198
Number of residents: 1839 (17 Oct. 2016)
Surface: 1.536.448 m²
Circumference: 12,911 km

The border of enclave H1 runs across the town hall of Baarle-Hertog. In addition to a Belgian building permit, a Dutch license was required for an area of only 53 m²!

On the ground floor, the boundary line crosses diagonally through the police office, where Belgian and Dutch police officers work side by side. Declarations and hearings can be held in a regulatory way, in other words, in the country where the operating officer is authorized.

On the first floor, the same borderline passes through the Council room. During Council meetings, some of the Council members have their seat on Dutch territory. This however does not affect the validity of Council decisions. But when the mayor performs a wedding in the Council room, he must ensure the deed is signed on Belgian territory. If not, the marriage would be legally invalid!

Parallelweg 1, Baarle-Hertog