, Castelré

In small Castelré you can enjoy the wide surroundings. Read more

In small Castelré you can enjoy the wide surroundings. During the day, enjoy a hot drink at the Theeschenkerij or visit the Paardenmelkerij. The area is perfect for a wonderful cycling or walking tour. At the end of the day you can spend the night in one of the B&Bs or other accommodation.

The location of Castelré is geographically unique. It lies 12 km southwest of Baarle like a peninsula, deep in Belgium. So deep that the inhabitants of Castelré can speak of their Belgian neighbors to the north. The landscape is also unique. To the south, west and north, the border with Belgium is largely formed by streams and rivers; the Dutch loop, the Mark and the Merkske. The edges of Castelré therefore consist of stream valleys. In the middle of it is a beautiful convex arable land. You can still see how the farms stand in a large circle on the edge of the field complex. Such an annular stream valley settlement is rare.

Castelré has two small residential areas. The Schootsenhoek and the Groeske. The Schootsenhoek on the south side appears to be the youngest and has no highly concentrated buildings. The Groeske is very old with an original Frankish triangle. Around this are a number of old houses, some of which are even centuries old!

, Castelré