World War 1 / resistance path led by a guide

During this walk, the guide will take you along various places in Baarle that are reminiscent of WW1. Read more

This 4.2 km walk passes the new and old town hall of Baarle-Hertog, the former Belgian post office, the headquarters of the Dutch commander, the town hall of Baarle-Nassau, the former train station, the locations of the Belgian military broadcasting station, the house of the former mayor of Gilse van Baarle-Hertog, the soldiers' barracks on Loveren, the gate at the fence around Baarle center, the Red Cross post of the Dutch army and other places that remind of WW1.

Start: Belgian town hall, Parallelweg 1, Baarle-Hertog
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 80,00
Number of persons: 20 persons per group.

Information and reservations:
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Singel 1
T. + 31 (0)13-5079921

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