Receiving station MN7

Reconstruction of the forty-meter-long central antenna mast of the wireless military transmitting and receiving station MN7.

Leliestraat, Baarle-Hertog

Wire of death

In Zondereigen, near the Belgian-Dutch border, the "De Dodendraad" peace monument was erected in 2008.

, Zondereigen

Rafters station Bels Lijntje

Are you going to ride the Bels Line? Then be sure to stop at Weelde Station, where two exact copies of rafters have been placed.

Grensweg, Baarle-Nassau

Switch house

At the original location on the hamlet of Gel is a short strip of killing wire with twenty authentic and intact insulators.

Gel, Zondereigen


In the centre of Baarle-Hertog-Nassau, directly opposite the border post, there is a plaque.

Singel 20, Baarle-Nassau

The Pungelaer

On the Hertog Hendrik I plein in Baarle-Hertog is a statue of De Pungelaer.

Hertog Hendrik I plein , Baarle-Hertog

Two Pumps

On the Singel in Baarle-Hertog-Nassau there are two pumps, both are classified as national monuments.

Singel 1, Baarle-Nassau

Boundary post

In the middle of the center, in front of the St. Remigiuskerk, there is a boundary marker.

Kerkplein 1, Baarle-Hertog